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Lovelywheels recently had the privilege of contributing to a heartwarming article for The Daily Telegraph featuring Mark Radcliffe, the renowned BBC radio DJ. The assignment involved the supply of our classic VW Beetle, affectionately named Betsy, for a nostalgic journey down memory lane. Mark’s connection with the Beetle harks back to his childhood when his parents owned one of these iconic cars.

The Call from The Daily Telegraph:

A Special Request: Having discovered Betsy the Beetle on our website The Daily Telegraph approached Lovelywheels with a unique and sentimental request – to provide Betsy for an article featuring Mark Radcliffe. We gladly accepted the opportunity to be a part of Mark’s journey back in  time.

Mark Radcliffe’s Journey:

Revisiting Childhood Memories: The article captures Mark Radcliffe’s emotional journey as he steps into Betsy, our uniquely preserved 1962 VW  Beetle. The nostalgic atmosphere was quite emotional as Mark reminisced about the happy days when his family owned their own VW Beetle when he was a lad.

Capturing the Essence:

The Daily Telegraph Feature: The resulting article in The Daily Telegraph beautifully captures the essence of Mark Radcliffe’s journey with Betsy. The photographs and anecdotes weave a narrative that not only pays homage to the iconic VW Beetle but also reflects the power of nostalgia in connecting generations.

Betsy’s Timeless Appeal: Betsy’s timeless appeal is evident in every frame, showcasing the enduring beauty and cultural significance of the VW Beetle. As Lovelywheels wedding cars, we take pride in contributing to moments that transcend time and create lasting impressions. You can book Betsy for your big wedding day, just get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

The journey with Mark Radcliffe and Betsy the VW Beetle was more than just a photo shoot; it was a celebration of memories, nostalgia, and the enduring charm of classic cars. Lovelywheels is honoured to have been a part of this special experience, and we look forward to continuing our mission of creating timeless moments with our classic vehicles.

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